2021 Grant Award Recipients

For the second time in the 13-year history of Impact 100 Indian River, a virtual meeting was held on April 22 to announce the grant awards for the 2020-2021 grant year.

The voting process itself was also unique to the times, with an extraordinary number of members participating: Members were able to view 5-minute videos from each of the 10 Grant Finalists along with details of each grant project. They then were able to cast their ballots either online or by mail. The addition of technology brought in a record percentage of voting participation; over 78% of Impact 100 members voted and made their voices heard, the most in Impact 100 Indian River County’s history!

Since this year’s total grant award amount is $436,000, four $100,000 High Impact grants were awarded, with the remaining $36,000 awarded as Merit Award grants. Impact 100 awards every dollar of its membership funds in grants to Indian River County nonprofits. Of the 10 finalists this year, four are receiving High Impact grants, with the remaining six receiving Merit Award grants.

With this year’s grant awards, Impact 100 of Indian River County will have awarded more than $5 million to local area nonprofits to transform the lives of the residents of Indian River County.

“The gift of Impact 100 membership is the opportunity to know our community’s nonprofits on a far deeper level,” said Grants Chair Mary Blair.  “On behalf of the fifty dedicated women who served on the Grants team this season, I am honored to congratulate all of the awardees announced today.  Indian River County is elevated and enriched by their important work.”

Board President Gladys LaForge stated, “Our nonprofits need these grant dollars more than ever. Of course, I am disappointed that we could not be physically together to celebrate the extraordinary year we have had. But right now, that is secondary to the urgency felt by all of us to keep our process going. As I have said often, our members are the heart and soul of this organization – their support has given me so much energy this year!”

2021 $100,000 Grant Award Recipients

Crossover Mission

PROJECT:  The Center for Achievement and Tutoring (The CAT) at the Crossover Center

In Their Own Words

“A Pandemic of Poverty has plagued our Gifford community for 100 years. Education is the way out for us who are in poverty. Our kids must BELIEVE that their education is important, they must have genuine and authentic support and be willing to WORK for it. Too many kids are losing hope and falling victim to street life. Symbolically, with the county jail located on 41st street and the Gifford Cemetery located on 49th street, our new Crossover Center stands in between “Jail or Hell”, as a beacon of hope, on Route 1 directly off of 45th St. which is the main artery into the heart of Gifford. Route1 is the divider between those who need help and those who CAN help. With education at the heart of the Crossover Center for Achievement and Tutoring, please invest in this safe place, a home strategically located and fashioned for youth innovation and uplift. This home is within reach and is the first step out of the ‘hood.’”

– Antoine Jennings (Co-Founder/Director of Operations) & Cathy De Schouwer (Co-Founder/Executive Director)

Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy

PROJECT:  The Learning Center at Youth Guidance

In Their Own Words

“I had the pleasure of watching Layloni complete our boat mechanics program this past year. She started off barely knowing how to use a screwdriver, and now knows more about mechanics than most adults! One of her many highlights was working together with her peers to fix an old boat engine and make it run again. Her confidence is skyrocketing, and she now possesses valuable skills that will position her for a meaningful career and a positive future.”

– Phil Barnes, Executive Director

Veterans Council of Indian River County, Inc.

PROJECT:  Veteran Families: Quality of Life

In Their Own Words

The following statement captures the heart of our program – “Veterans are those who wrote a blank check to the American people, payable up to and including their lives.” In 2018, we first partnered with Impact 100 on this program and were able to ease the last year of life for a Vietnam veteran with one lung. We removed mold and installed a new shower in his home. At his funeral, his wife introduced our program manager to her son by saying “This is the soldier that helped daddy… with money from those Angel Women I told you about.”

– Colonel Marty Zickert, Board Chair, USAF (Retired)

SafeSpace, Inc.

PROJECT:  Indian River County Emergency Shelter

In Their Own Words

“Women, men, and children fleeing abusive relationships need a safe space to begin rebuilding their lives in order to transition to safety and freedom. They need to access these
services in their own communities, where they can maintain the highest sense of normalcy possible, as they find the courage, hope and skills to transition to a violence free life.”

– Dr. Teresa Albizu, Chief Executive Officer

2021 Merit Award Recipients


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