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We are women who collectively impact the lives of individuals and our community through transformational giving.

If you and your organization are interested in impacting Indian River County, review the information provided.  Utilize the resources we provide by attending the Nonprofit Information Session and/or make an appointment with the Visioning Committee.

How do we achieve our mission?  Our members each contribute $1,000 and these funds are pooled into $100,000 grants.  These grants address our four focus areas of Education, Enrichment & Environment, Family and Health & Wellness.

Each year, total funding available for grants is determined by the number of members who join Indian River Impact 100 by February 15th. Last year we had 387 members donate $1,000 and we awarded five nonprofits with $100,000 each to fund a high impact grant project. The outcome of projects funded by these grants lead to lasting change in the community. This is the power of collective giving!

Grant Guidelines and Application

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 year.
Apply via the link above between July 1st and November 11th.

2020 Nonprofit Information Session


Didn’t make it to our 2020 NPIS? Watch the webinar recording below and download the powerpoint presentation.

 This meeting will provide your organization with:
  •  Guidance on how to set up and navigate our new online grant application
  • An overview of what to expect through the Application/Site Visit/Grant Award process
  • Insight from a recent $100,000 Grant Recipient, Stacey Watson-Mesley of Big Brothers Big Sisters

“Be realistic, but dream big… from big dreams come transformational changes.”

– Jamie Jackson, United Against Poverty | 2016 Non-profit Information Session

See Further with our Visioning Team

Outreach to the Indian River Non-profit Community

Do you have an idea for an Impact 100 grant? We would love to talk to you! As Indian River Impact 100 enters its thirteenth year of providing high-impact community grants, we continue to identify needs and ideas that have the potential to seed future grant proposals in the areas of Arts and Culture, Children and Families, Education, Environment, Health and Wellness.

Our Visioning Committee’s mission is to work directly with nonprofit leaders to cultivate ideas and develop collaborations for potential Impact 100 grant proposals.

A member of the Visioning Committee is available to work with any local nonprofit in the following ways:

  • Explaining Impact 100’s grant goals, guidelines, and application process

  • Exploring ideas an organization may already have for an Impact 100 grant proposal

  • Suggesting other nonprofit organizations which may be interested in collaborating on a proposal

If you would like a representative of the Visioning Committee to contact you, please click on the button below.

All Year

Make appointment and meet with Visioning Committee (optional)


Review updated Grant Guidelines and Grant Application

September 9

Attend the Impact 100 Non-profit Information Session (optional)

November 11

Grant Applications Due

November 12 – December 3

Grant Administrative Review

December – February

Grant Application Review including Applicant Site Visit

March 2

Finalists Selection Panel & Status Notification Calls to ALL Applicants

March 3

Meet the Finalists Reception

Late March

Finalist Presenter Logistics Meeting

April 22

Impact 100 Annual Meeting with Finalist Presentations, Grants Awarded

April & May

Meet and Sign Grant Award Agreement with Impact 100 Community Partners Committee

Is there anyone we can contact to help us with our ideas/concepts for a project?

Members of the Visioning Committee are available to work with any local non-profit in the following ways:

  • Explaining Impact 100’s grant goals, guidelines, and application process
  • Exploring ideas an organization may already have for an Impact 100 grant proposal
  • Suggesting other non-profit organizations which may be interested in collaborating on a proposal
Are we eligible to receive an Indian River Impact 100 Grant if we are not physically located in Indian River County?

Yes, however, the project must serve the needs of Indian River County residents, be implemented totally within Indian River County and your Board must include Indian River County residents.

How many finalists a year does Impact 100 choose?

Impact 100 has no set number of finalists. The Finalist Selection Panel meets in late February/early March and evaluates the panel review teams’ recommended grants. The panel then votes to determine the finalists.

If we need new equipment (e.g., computers, furnishings, sound equipment) for an existing project, does this qualify for a grant?

If you are expanding an existing program to serve additional people and create a bigger impact in the Community, equipment costs are considered. However, if the equipment purchase is replacing existing equipment and the program stays the same, then this would be a General Operating Expense which is not funded.

Do renovations qualify for a grant?

Renovations alone do not, however; if renovations are required as part of a proposed project that has a transformational impact on the community, they will be considered.

Does Impact 100 pay for salaries in grants?

Impact 100 does not fund General Operating Expenses or overhead. Only salaries that specifically pertain to a grant and/or grant implementation are considered.

How/when will we know if we are a finalist?

All Grant applicants will be notified by phone on the afternoon of March 2nd, 2021. All non-finalists will a receive a brief letter of explanation from the Grants Committee, followed up by an in-person meeting with a member of the Visioning Committee.

How does Impact 100 follow up on the implementation of the grant and ensure the funds are being used as agreed?

The Community Partners (CP) Committee contacts the new grant recipients soon after the Annual Meeting and schedules a transition meeting between the grantee and Impact 100 to discuss the contract terms of the Grant Award Agreement, define the grant payment terms, and be introduced to the CP Coordinator who serves as the Impact 100 point of contact for the grantee. All Interim Reports and Financials submitted as part of the terms of the Agreement are reviewed by a Grant Oversight Team, who are members of the CP Committee, to ensure that funds are being used as stated in the Agreement and as submitted in the grant proposal request. The contract will define payment terms, which will conform to the grant’s budget as voted on by the Impact 100 membership. The CP Committee administers the grant in conformance with the contract and approves the disbursement of funds upon the submission of receipts for payment and/or invoices for payment.

What relationship does Impact 100 have with its Community Partners after the grant has been fully implemented?

The CP Coordinator establishes a partnership with the grantee by staying in regular contact with them throughout the two-year project cycle. Grantees submit monthly reports and periodic reports as outlined in the contract. The CP coordinator monitors the ongoing progress of the grant. New grant recipients also participate in the annual panel discussion open to members and non-members and updates about the grant recipients’ projects are posted on social media.

What happens if the terms of the grant must be changed?

Changes do occur to the terms of grants for many reasons. When changes are requested by the grantee, they are reviewed by the CP Committee whose members make recommendations to the Impact 100 Board of Directors for approval. Most changes are minor and remain in the “spirit” of the grant application. These changes can be approved by the CP Committee with the submission of a revised budget. Changes to the budget over a certain monetary amount require Board approval.

Still have questions? Please contact us, we are happy to be of assistance.


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We are women who collectively impact the lives of individuals and our community through transformational giving.

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